It’s All About Textures!

January 25, 2010


I Heart Faces has a great themed challenge this week – textures!

 I love the warmth and depth that comes from adding a little richness of color, and the change in mood and feeling that textures can bring to a photo.  The range of possibilities is endless, the palette everchanging.  It’s a great way to express one’s self as a photographer, adding a uniqueness that’s fun to experiment with.

Here’s Clara…4 days old…delicate and tiny…dreamy and content.

Please check out all the other wonderful entries at  Many thanks to Florabella Textures and Actions for the wonderful world created through their products.


I Heart Faces Birthday Contest

January 5, 2010


In celebtation of their first birthday, I Heart Faces is kicking off a brand new contest.  The rules are simple;  incorporate their logo into a photograph, hopefully achieving something realistic and clever.  Oh, and the photograph must have a face in it.  The prize is a Tamron lens which would be a nice addition to my camera bag!  

Ian and I had fun with this challenge and he was a really great sport.   I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! 

Happy Birthday I Heart Faces!

Wish me luck everyone… Robin

I, Robin McQuay Anderson, am submitting this photo into the I Heart Faces logo photo contest. By entering, I am granting I Heart Faces LLC permission to consider my photo for use in the marketing and promotion of this website.


December 29, 2009

Bliss… Isn’t that a wonderful feeling? 

With sand in my toes, gentle breezes in my hair, and the quiet surf rolling on shore, I loved every moment of the Delray Beach shoot with my daughter, Connor and her 3 week old daughter, Clara Louise.  The happiness that radiated from both mother and child was truly…bliss.

As the setting sun changed the sky from blue to gold and finally to peach, we marveled at our good fortune in having this special evening together.  When so much of our family was shoveling snow, we were brushing the sand from our jeans and heading back down the beach.  What a great way to spend the Christmas weekend.

Happy New Year and I wish everyone a bit more….bliss!



A Special Christmas Gift

December 23, 2009

She just couldn’t wait another week, arriving just ahead of schedule.  She arrived on a beautiful Sunday morning, being carefully placed in the arms of her tearful new parents.  They thought they knew love before, but now it had meaning undefined by mere words.  Their precious baby girl was here – Clara Louise. 

Text messages to be sent, pictures to be taken, hugs to be given, prayers of thankfulness to be whispered…life was reshaping itself gloriously moment by moment.

Blessed to be the grandmother of our family’s newest miracle, I arrived with camera in hand ready to shoot through my own tears of joy.  And here she is, the Christmas present we all were waiting for. 

 Enjoy our gift….. Robin

Christmas kids – Jamison and Maesan

December 20, 2009

It was nearly sunset, cold, and damp.  With precious little light left, the sky turned a steely blue gray as the last family of the day arrived for their Christmas card photo to be taken. 

Watching them walk into the park, I was hoping the little ones wouldn’t be shivering.  I had no need to worry; everyone arrived ready to pose with smiles in place!

First up was sunshine herself, sweet Jamison.  She never stopped grinning and seemed to enjoy being in front of the camera as much as I enjoyed taking her picture.  She was a natural; born to pose, born to please.   You can see the joy in her eyes and the light she radiated.  

And then there was the adorable Maesan — wonderment and innocence all wrapped up in perfect baby squishiness.  If that’s not a word, it should be – and the cute little Maesan would define it.

So, with the sky continuing to darken, I grabbed the last of the Christmas card shots of 2009.   With the last of the editing finally finished, it’s now time to bake cookies, wrap presents, and turn up the Christmas carols!  

Enjoy the holiday season,   






The Definition of Cool

December 15, 2009

Sometimes you meet a person and they have a certain something – you know, they’re just cool.  They walk cool, they act cool, they speak cool, and they’re just the definition of what it is to be cool.

Cool is Cole, Alex, and Noah.  These guys are so good looking and were loads of fun to work with.  They laughed, they never get tired, and on top of everything, they’re just plain nice guys. 

We shot the Mom-pleasing Christmas card photos first, and then it was time to think outside the box and create photos that showed their true interest – music.   Okay – cool and talented! 

Here’s the sneak peek of three great brothers.  And guys – thanks for smiling at the Sock Monkey.  (He obviously works on older kids as well as toddlers!)


This is Alex.

Here's Cole.

This is Noah, the drummer in the family.

Cole, Noah, and Alex.

P.S.  For regular followers, I hope you like the first entry on the new blog.  More info, better resolution, easier to navigate.