The Wedding of a Princess…

January 14, 2010


If you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true.

— Cinderella

From inside the Disney Wedding Pavilion all was hushed as the guests waited for the bride.  “Listen,” some one said.  “Look,” said another.  There in the distance was Cinderella’s glass carriage being pulled by six tiny white ponies, and inside was a radiant Jennifer – living her dream of a fairytale Disney wedding.  Also, watching and waiting was Frank, her groom, her prince, her best friend.

Yes, it was bitter cold and it was raining – still.  But nothing was going to dampen the spirits of this wedding!  Their princess was on her way and everyone was waiting to see how this Disney magical wedding would unfold. 

From the moment Wagner’s Bridal Chorus was played by costumed trumpeters to the four canons shooting long colored streamers during the recessional, nothing about this wedding would be ordinary!  After all, how many brides and grooms have their rings delivered during the ceremony by a majordomo with a glass slipper (holding said rings) on a crimson velvet and gold tasseled pillow?  And he’s wearing a powdered wig and tights!!

I enjoyed every moment of Jennifer and Frank’s wedding and I hope you enjoy the images below – a mere sampling of all that a Disney Fairytale Wedding has to offer!


These are the guys responsible for the Bridal Chorus during Jennifer’s walk down the aisle.  They also musically announced the bride and groom as they left the chapel and entered the reception.  Isn’t that fun?

This is the inside of the Disney   Wedding Pavilion.  The view through window behind the altar is straight over the lake to Cinderella’s Castle.

And yes…even Donald and Daisy Duck showed up and waltzed Jennifer and Frank around the dance floor!

And they lived happily ever after!!