Lovely Katie…

Some children arrive for their pictures with lots to say and oodles of energy.  Some arrive with quiet skepticism and shyness. 

Katie and her sister, Abby arrived like softly spoken whispers; sweet, feminine, and delightful!  The two girls, along with Mom and Dad, made their way around the park with me; laughing, playing, and pretty much being the perfect family of four.  I had a great time photographing them, and if laughter is the measure of a successful afternoon, we hit the jackpot.

Katie owns the post today – next time it’s Abbey and family.

Enjoy… Robin


3 Responses to Lovely Katie…

  1. Scott says:

    those pics of Katie are just great. What a heart breaker she must be in school!

  2. Lovely! Were these taken with the new D700?

  3. I took these before the purchase of the D700…they’re from the D300.

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